How to pick the better beach holiday – Bali or Fiji

When I was little, I though paradise was an actual place. So every time someone asked me “where would you like to visit?” I’d always say paradise. Cos I was cute like that πŸ˜›

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When a trip away is not a holiday

We just spent 10 days in New Zealand visiting family. And this was not a holiday. This was visiting family. When I fill out my departure card at Sydney Airport, I triple check to make sure I’ve ticked the “visiting family” box rather than “holiday” when I get to the question about reason for the trip.

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Eating out in Fiji

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about Fiji?

The beaches? “Bula”? Hammocks?

For me Fiji means something completely different, since I was born there.

Read on to find out about what Fiji has to offer food wise away from the resorts.

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Mid-range hotels to stay in Vietnam

When you go on a holiday – you want to stay somewhere nicer than your own place right? But then how much do you spend to get that level of comfort? I knew I had to be on a budget yet I wanted the absolute best I could get for my dollar. These are the best mid-range hotels I stayed at in various cities of Vietnam after reading pages of reviews, scoping out locations and comparing prices.

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The budget travellers guide to Halong Bay

When theΒ WSB and I set out on planning Vietnam we knew 2 things. One we wanted to do an overnight cruise on Halong Bay and two – we were on a budget.

By the time it came to actually booking the overnight cruise I quickly realised just how expensive it actually gets!

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