Stunning secret beaches – Spit to Manly walk

Lower expectations usually means a better reality. You’ve heard that one right?

Well, it worked in my favour this time around because the Spit to Manly walk has ended up being one of my most favorite walks ever in Sydney. The views and secret beaches make it all worthwhile.

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Sydney weekends: Fairlight to North Head Walk

I don’t want to jinx anything, but lately Sydney has had some gorgeous weather on the weekends. The WSB and I try to get out and about and do active things such as walks. Lately he has been picking most of the walks and I have been (quietly) impressed.
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Sydney weekends: Wattamolla Coastal Walk

A few weeks ago I did the Bondi to Bronte walk with the boy ;bout town who is relatively new to Sydney. The walk was great..but definitely on the touristy side. My favourite walk in Sydney of all time is the Wattamolla Coastal Walk. It’s not a very well known or popular walk- in fact when I did this walk a few days ago I only saw about 5 other walkers there and when I got to Little Marleys  Beach – I had it all to myself.

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Sunny Bondi to Bronte walk

Recently I have discovered that I can be quite a snob! For a long time now the boy has been wanting to do the Bondi to Bronte walk and I kept brushing it off – it’s  for tourists, it’s overrated, it’s not a proper walk. I ended up giving in, the poor fella has to get his way sometimes right? 😉

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