What I’m packing for Auckland

When my then boyfriend (now husband) were in a long-distance relationship, we used to take turns visiting each other every few months. On my first visit to Auckland, he was pretty excited for me to meet his friends. One of his friends bought his girlfriend along to dinner and I was mortified because we were wearing the exact same dress from Cotton On.

We must have known as soon as we saw each other but ignored it. Until the boys discovered it after our dinner was over. They thought it was hilarious. We did not.

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Home decor with bohemian flair

Have I mentioned to you how much I love colour? I’ve seen enough beige and cream in the world to realise that I don’t want a life of beige and cream. Unless you’re talking about the kind of cream I can eat that is…

I’m ready for a life and home filled with colour 🙂

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3 self help books that actually helped!

Gotta be honest – this list initially had 7 self-help book titles.

I thought long and hard about the ones that I actually enjoyed, were still relevant and practical.

My list below has life, love and creativity covered for you.

Presenting…the 3 books that changed me.

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