Fashion inspiration: Major Anushka Sharma love

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Indian wedding guest style

Up until I had gotten married myself, I’m pretty certain I had only attended a handful of weddings. Since then I’ve attended nearly 7 over the past year and half. More weddings = more outfits.

It’s kind of like that phase when you are in your early 20s and you have a 21st party to go to every other week..I guess I’m at the stage where everyone is getting married!

This particular wedding was held in Fiji and spanned over 2 nights for mehendi and the actual wedding ceremony itself.

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Most pinned Indian Fashion on Pinterest

What started simply as a place to pin wedding ideas, has seen me through my wedding, decorating our apartment, recipes and thrifty spending tips as well.

The most popular of the lot is easily the pins related to Indian fashion.

Read on to see the most popular pins from The Western Sydney Girls Pinterest.

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Currently obsessing: Sapana Amin Enchanted Forest 2016 Collection

It’s not a secret that I am a huge fan of Sapana Amin designs. The balance of traditional Indian fashion with unexpected and clean modern touches won me over a long time ago.

The new Enchanted Forest Collection has hues of tradition mixed in with Sapana’s trademark floral print. I was pleased to see that the floral prints in this collection are grown up and sophisticated. I love the risks taken with colour (who would have thought of yellow and grey?) as well as the quintessential styling of nothing being OTT.

Click through to see my favourites of this gorgeous collection.

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