A Rheson for a Wishlist

The first person I followed on Instagram was Sonam Kapoor. Very quickly I discovered it was her sister, Rhea Kapoor who was often the mastermind behind Sonam’s outfits.

The pair have just released their own range, and I wish it was available worldwide! The pieces are affordable and reminiscent of the style often found at Zara. Continue reading “A Rheson for a Wishlist”

Autumn Fashion Staples

I have been getting rid of clothes on a weekly basis lately. They fit me fine and are perfectly clean and wearable – the issue is that I feel like my taste has grown up. Basically I’m getting old. And my cutesy little floaty skirts just won’t cut it anymore.

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Currently obsessing: Sapana Amin Enchanted Forest 2016 Collection

It’s not a secret that I am a huge fan of Sapana Amin designs. The balance of traditional Indian fashion with unexpected and clean modern touchesΒ won me over a long time ago.

The new Enchanted Forest Collection has hues of tradition mixed in with Sapana’s trademark floral print. I was pleased to see that the floral prints in this collection are grown up and sophisticated. I love the risks taken with colour (who would have thought of yellow and grey?) as well as the quintessential styling of nothing being OTT.

Click through to see my favourites of this gorgeous collection.

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