Breakfast at Choo Choos in Port Douglas

After a few days of eating in Macrossan Street, the main drag in Port Douglas, I was ready for a change in scenery.

I wouldn’t have been able to find Choo Choo’s had it not been for good old Google. And even then I  had no idea what a gorgeous setting it would be until I actually got there.

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Sydney Weekend Eats

If you have been wondering where I have been hiding let me tell you my life has been taken over by Farmville. Again. I could write a whole post on how it has consumed my life. Β Gaming addiction is a real thing right?

Well this post is from a weekend when my life wasn’t consumed by virtual farming and instead revolved around eating.
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Paper Plane Cafe, Parramatta

I tried a few weeks ago to visit Paper Plane Cafe only to find that there were at least 18 people in the queue ahead of me for a Sunday brunch. This only made me even more determined…after all most of my favourite eateries have queues outside like Tan Viet, Holy Basil, get the idea.
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