What I’m packing for Auckland

When my then boyfriend (now husband) were in a long-distance relationship, we used to take turns visiting each other every few months. On my first visit to Auckland, he was pretty excited for me to meet his friends. One of his friends bought his girlfriend along to dinner and I was mortified because we were wearing the exact same dress from Cotton On.

We must have known as soon as we saw each other but ignored it. Until the boys discovered it after our dinner was over. They thought it was hilarious. We did not.

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When a trip away is not a holiday

We just spent 10 days in New Zealand visiting family. And this was not a holiday. This was visiting family. When I fill out my departure card at Sydney Airport, I triple check to make sure I’ve ticked the “visiting family” box rather than “holiday” when I get to the question about reason for the trip.

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