Pros and Cons – Is Laser Hair Removal for you?

The very first proper overseas holiday I went to was Thailand. It was a girls trip with my sisters and I unfortunately spent most of my time in the bathroom.

It wasn’t from being sick or anything, it was because I was so PARTICULAR about having hair free legs. I couldn’t stand the sight of stubble and would shave nearly every day (Indian genes).

And would you believe I’m the same person now, who hasn’t shaved her legs in 3 years?

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What I’ve been using: January Empties

The reason I post these empties type posts so infrequently is because it actually takes me ages to finish up products. I’m really stingy with the amount of skin care and make-up I use. I’ve always gone by the philosophy that a little goes a long way.

So what did I finish up this month?

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