Blurred lines

So just to break the ice a little, I’m still here. Still reading your posts too.

Life is all business as usual at the moment.

Have been reading plenty of blogs but nothing that has been really inspiring or jumping at me.

The house? We are SOOO close to construction. Any day now. The builders have said we will be in by Christmas but I’m preparing myself for an early 2018 move.

I’m trying to eat out less to save money and my waistline. I had forgotten that eating out is infact a bit of a luxury and I just took it for granted. And then I just saw so much waste and insane portion sizes. It’s just not healthy.

There is no good excuse for not posting here either. What I needed to get off my chest the most, I have resolved on my own. It was just something that I needed time with and I gave myself that. I won’t deny myself that luxury.

Featured image – via Kristina M M

2 thoughts on “Blurred lines

  1. Nice to see an update from you. I admit, I’ve checked on your blog from time to time to see if there were any updates. 🙂
    How exciting that your house is almost complete. Time flew, it seems (although maybe not from your perspective! 😉 )
    I understand that sometimes there just isn’t blog-worthy topics – some things are better left for real life. 🙂

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