What I’m packing for Auckland

When my then boyfriend (now husband) were in a long-distance relationship, we used to take turns visiting each other every few months. On my first visit to Auckland, he was pretty excited for me to meet his friends. One of his friends bought his girlfriend along to dinner and I was mortified because we were wearing the exact same dress from Cotton On.

We must have known as soon as we saw each other but ignored it. Until the boys discovered it after our dinner was over. They thought it was hilarious. We did not.

And after that trip, I started putting in a lot more thought in what I pack for an Auckland trip. I also stopped shopping at Cotton On a LOT less 😛

I always thought we were a fashion deprived in Australia but we are actually so lucky compared to NZ. They only got Zara and H&M last year. Plus the big department brand type stores don’t actually do all that well which is why a lot of Australian shops offer NZ online shipping services.

I started packing this morning for our extra long weekend trip and noticed my bag was full of black, white, stripes and beige. Doesn’t hurt to stick to classic basics .

Packing for Auckland is always different because it’s not exactly a holiday, it’s a family trip. Most of the time is spent catching up with family over drinks, dinner and lunches. I still pack a nice dress or two just incase. But when it comes to Auckland trip for me – comfort is key.

Auckland Autumn is basically a Sydney winter for me. It gets and feels a lot colder!

And the strangest thing is that the locals are still happy in their dresses, shorts and t-shirts! So I end up feeling a bit silly in boots, jeans and jackets.

So without much further adieu, here is what I’m packing.

Zara trench coat that was an absolute bargain.

Zara trench coat 2016 - autumn fashion
My Zara trench coat

Some basic white and black tops from Country Road.

A H&M Blazer:

One blue and one green long cardigan from Valley Girl and Target.

A pheasant top to wear over jeans and leggings from Target

An email tempted me into checking out Sportsgirl 50% off and I ended up buying:

Slouch Pullover – Sportsgirl

And my Tempt slip dress:

Green slip dress fashion blog

Apart from the above I’ll have 2 pairs of jeans, a couple of casual t-shirts and am hoping to get a away with 3 pairs of shoes.

I’ve also packed 2 statement necklaces, lots of earrings and a few scarves.

Have a wonderful Easter break everyone, and do let me know in the comments below your plans for the long weekend.

Featured image: Unsplash

Photographer: Alisa Anton

3 thoughts on “What I’m packing for Auckland

  1. Aww that’s kind of funny about the two of you were wearing the same dress. In hindsight is it a little bit funny…? 😛

    I remember that slip dress! 🙂
    How do you find the quality of Zara’s clothes? I spied a cute blazer from there and it wasn’t too expensive – unsure if it will last though.

    Enjoy your Easter weekend! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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