Home decor with bohemian flair

Have I mentioned to you how much I love colour? I’ve seen enough beige and cream in the world to realise that I don’t want a life of beige and cream. Unless you’re talking about the kind of cream I can eat that is…

I’m ready for a life and home filled with colour 🙂

My home build is getting closer. Signing the papers this weekend, and then the construction will begin. I can hardly wait.

I hope to have my home decorated in a way that makes me feel like I belong there.  The vision at the moment is a little Balinese, a little bo-ho with a sprinkle of mindfulness.

There’s no point doing your house up for others right? You’re the one that has to live in.

Comfort has to be key. And whatever makes you happy. In my case, a little bit of a bohemian flair makes me very happy.

I’m thinking of putting color in unexpected places:

image via Pinterest
This one has been on my wish list for a while: Large Coffee Table with Iridescent Glass by natureinspiredcrafts, $625.00:
image via Pinterest
image via Pinterest

And while my kitchen will mostly be white I couldn’t help but fall in love of the idea of green kitchens like this:

Love love this kitchen:
image via Red Magazine

I have a thing for reading nooks. You can’t work in a library and not. Trust me.

Add a pretty little window seat.:
image via Pinterest
Cosy reading nook:
image via The Tiny Life

After our stay at the Artists Cottage, I’m a lot more interested in paintings and things adorning the walls.

Summerland Home and Gardens.:
image via Summerland Homes and Gardens

I absolute love Tree of Life paintings.

NEW Toland Home Garden 119536 Tree of Life Garden Flag painting:
This one is via Pinterest

While we were up at Port Douglas we also stumbled across some work by an Australian artist, Lisa Pollock.

I’ve been following her Instagram page and home to gift myself a item from her collection as a house warming gift.

Create an exotic bohemian style in your home with pieces from our Soul Temple range.⠀

A post shared by Lisa Pollock Artist (@lisapollockartist) on

Do you have any home decor inspiration you can send my way? Do share below 🙂

featured image: Unsplash

photographer: Annie Spratt

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