6 habits to make you look and feel more polished

It’s been a busy few weeks in my world which is mostly why I haven’t posted lately. The other half of the reason is an addictive new game I’ve downloaded 😦 Let me know if you need an addiction too.

To be efficient in my dictionary is to be organised, tidy and prepared.

I am not a glamorous person by far. But there are things that I like to do that make me feel like at least I’ve put some effort in. These small things lift my mood and make me feel better. Hopefully they work for you too

Love thy nails

I love having my nails done, but I’m terrible at maintaining them, not to mention if you go to a professional it can be a costly habit. Mine tends to end up looking scruffy after a week or so. Rather than paint them every few weeks, I just keep them short, trim and healthy. If I do pick a polish these days it’s usually a nude or natural colour so the chipping isn’t obvious.

Plan outfits the night before

Use the weather app and plan for the weather. It’s much better than tearing apart your wardrobe at 7am the next morning looking for your clothes. Don’t forget to iron your clothes too for extra feel good points 🙂

Tidy eyebrows

I don’t know about you but I feel so much better once I have my eyebrows done. It really does change your whole face. Next best thing to getting a facial. Up to you whether you prefer waxing, tweezing or my fave – threading.

Clean shoes

I’ve only started paying attention to this one recently. There’s no point putting on a lovely dress for a night out when your shoes still have mud stuck around he sides from that last outdoor wedding you went to.

Start the day right

Make your bed right after you wake up. That way you have achieved something for yourself as soon as you start your day. You’ll be thankful when you get home to a nicely made up bed, just for you.

To do

Use the Calendar app in your phone to remember things. I sometimes even use it to schedule in lunches and dinners with friends for catch ups. I recently even started sending the hubby calendar invites because we have been known to double-book in commitments. Plus this way he knows way in advance when I have evening/weekend shifts so he can plan his own stuff.

Do you have any tips to add to this list? Do you have any habits that make your day easier?

6 thoughts on “6 habits to make you look and feel more polished

  1. What new game are you addicted to! Tell me, tell me…
    I’m with you on the nail polish front – I think it says a lot about a person who has maintained nails. Plus, I’ve got a thing for nice hands. 😛
    I wish I was more disciplined to plan my outfit the night before. Sometimes I like to dress based on the weather when I look out the window. Typically I decide what I’m going to wear about 5 mins before I run out the door! XD

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    1. Fallout Bunker 🙂 its a really strange little game where you create a bunker and have to let it grow and populate because there has been a apocalypse. Not my usual kind of game but addictive.
      I plan outfits the night before because I leave home really early. I like the weekends better when I don’t plan because I dress more to my mood.
      Will head over soon to catch up on your blog. Been missing your posts 🙂 hope you’ve been well.


  2. Lovely tips! I shall get my nails done and maintain these eyebrows. I need a nice little routine to encourage productivity in my life. I feel like when I get myself ready, as if I was going to a corporate job, I am more productive throughout the day. Might be tricking myself, but it works, haha!

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