Circa Espresso, Parramatta

Parramatta used to be my old stomping ground so it was the norm to end up here every weekend to take our pick of where to have breakfast. Since moving to South West Sydney, coming to Parramatta is such a treat with the abundance of brunch options. 

I hope our suburbs in SW Sydney take a leaf out of Parramatta’s book and create thriving food hot spots for us.

We visited Circa on a Sunday morning and were told straight up that it would be a 40 minute wait for a table.

This was fine by me..From past visits I knew it would be worth it. Plus I had been waiting to revisit Circa for a long time.

Circa Espresso Parramatta Breakfast review

There is an abundance of seating outside but I was pleased when got a seat inside. It was one of those heat-wave weekends Sydney had in February.

I love it when wait times are estimated well. We were seated within 40 minutes they had told us.

The seats inside are comfortable and the walls are adorned with books and quirky art. Plenty to look at.

This has to be the one truly hispter cafe in Parramatta. It is reminiscent of those lane-way cafes you find tucked away in Melbourne.

Circa Espresso Parramatta Breakfast review

Perfect coffee with perfect art.

The menu is simply one page long for food, and one page for drinks. And even that is plenty. The menu is so refreshing because it’s actually different. When you eat breakfast out as much as I do, all the unique items will jump out at you.

Despite having a firm favourite, I wanted to try something new.

I sweet-talked my husband into ordering my must have Ottoman Eggs so I could try the French Toast.

After ordering our meals were really quick to come out.

Circa Espresso Parramatta Breakfast review

My French Toast was delicious. The summer fruits were fresh. The toast had pistachios sprinkled on top. Plus mascarpone with cinnamon. Loving mascarpone at the moment. Where has it been all my life?

And then I snuck in a few bites of the Ottoman Eggs.

Circa Espresso Parramatta Breakfast review

This is by far my MOST favourite breakfast meal I have EVER had.

Every bit of it is perfect.

What you have is poached eggs sitting atop crumbed eggplant. The garlic labneh and burnt butter can me mopped with sourdough.

It’s one of those meals you eat really slowly because you want it to last.

This would have to be my top breakfast recommendation in Western Sydney. Yes you will have to wait if you visit on a weekend. If you can, try visiting on a weekday to avoid queues.

Is there a place that serves you your favourite breakfast meal?

Also keep sending me recommendations on where to eat out in Western Sydney!

Circa Espresso: 21 Wentworth St, Parramatta



2 thoughts on “Circa Espresso, Parramatta

  1. That French toast looks amazing. The topping totally makes it – I’ve never had pistachios on top of French toast before!
    I’ve never heard of Ottoman Eggs… now I need to find a place that makes it (I just googled it and the top result was this restaurant LOL, hang on, let me hop on a plane!)

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