Let’s catch up: February

I like February so much better than January. For me it means that things are slowing down. And everyone is heading back to work, back to school and back to routine. I love routine.

Routine like a skin-care and make-up routine. I rarely change mine up and kind of always buy the same things over and over again as boring as that sounds. But if it works, why fix it?

Which is kind of why my empties never having anything outrageously exciting #sorrynotsorry.

January monthly skincare empties

We ventured out to the pretty quaint town of Camden for breakfast one weekend. I had some pancakes at Squeeze and Grind that I still THINK about to this day. If I’m still thinking about it then it’s proof it was actually REALLY, VERY good.

Squeeze and Grind in Western Sydney, Camden review
Squeeze and Grind breakfast review in Western Sydney, Camden

February is anniversary month for me..and this year we celebrated our 3rd of being married.

I thought long and hard about getting the husband some gifts but decided against it because  as cute and lovely as these things are, I want these things in our NEW home.

Valentines and Anniversary gift ideas for couples
Valentines and anniversary gift ideas

Another reason why I didn’t actually exchange gifts for Valentines or our anniversary was because we tend to go away to celebrate every year. This year we traveled domestically to Port Douglas in Far North Queensland.

We stayed in the gorgeous Artists Cottage. You need to look no further if boho-eclectic is your decor style.

review of the artists cottage port douglas

We had some delicious meals while we were up there too!

The Little Larder breakfast in Port Douglas

Breakfast visit Choo Choos Port Douglas

But I have to say my number one most favourite thing was visiting the Great Barrier Reef, even though embarrassingly enough, I can’t swim 😦

The world is such a beautiful place!

Great Barrier Reef tour for non-swimmers
A day trip to the Low Isles on the Great Barrier Reef with WaveDancer. My experience as a non-swimmer.

Just a few more posts to come about the holiday including the Daintree Rainforest day-trip and my favourite breakfast spot in Port Douglas and then we get back to focusing on Western Sydney 🙂

Happy March everyone!

Original featured image via Unsplash.

Photographer: Hoach Le Dinh

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