Breakfast at Choo Choos in Port Douglas

After a few days of eating in Macrossan Street, the main drag in Port Douglas, I was ready for a change in scenery.

I wouldn’t have been able to find Choo Choo’s had it not been for good old Google. And even then I  had no idea what a gorgeous setting it would be until I actually got there.

Choo Choos Port douglas Cafe

The location is a station that was used for transporting sugar cane back in the day. These days it is mostly used as a tourist attraction. The Bally Hooley steam train still runs on the track in the quieter off-peak season on Sundays.

Choo Choos Port Douglas


The setting is stunning and peaceful with most of the tables and seats by the lake.

What I did notice was that because the location is not in the main town center of Port Douglas (only 5-10 minutes drive), this cafe has a lot more of a local patronage.

Choo Choos Port Douglas

The menu items are considerably cheaper than what is available on the main street of Port Douglas. The breakfast options started from $20 which was a welcome relief to my wallet after spending easily $18 on a meal for breakfast in Macrossan Street.

Choo Choos Port Douglas menu

Coffee and tea at Choo Choos Port Douglas

I ordered the French Raisin Toast:

French Toast Choo Choos breakfast

It was spectacular. I wasn’t sure how the bacon, grilled banana, and passion fruit syrup wold work together but it did. The raisin toast balances out the sweetness and the grilled banana brings some unexpectedness to the meal.

The husband opted for the vegetarian breakfast and he enjoyed it enough to claim this was his best breakfast meal on our Port Douglas trip.

Choo Choos breakfast Port Douglas

His breakfast consisted of spinach, greens, poached eggs and mushrooms.

Overall, great value and great food. The service was friendly and quick which is a lot of brownie points in my books!

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