Squeeze and Grind – Camden

I wasn’t going to initially write up about this place because I only managed to take 2 single pictures. But then several weeks later – I was still thinking about this place..which means…you guessed it – it deserves a post.

The Squeeze and Grind cafe/bar is located in Argyle Street in Camden, a pretty country town on the outskirts of Western Sydney.

This suburb is probably where the “weekend escapes” start for Sydney folk. Far enough to get away for some fresh air and the country side, but not so far that the trip is exhausting.

The cafe is located amongst several other cafes in a laneway but this one seemed to be the busiest by far.

We were lucky to get a seat on a Sunday morning when we popped in.

Service was quick and efficient but unmemorable. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

The memorable bit?

pancakes at squeeze and grind breakfast camden

You may have noticed from recent meal reviews that I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth. I like my food yes, but I also am a big believer in a healthy and balanced diet. I usually pick savoury of sweet but once in a while…

This was one of those morning where I woke up and thought I could really do with a stack of amazing pancakes today.

It did not disappoint.

The pancakes were not overly sweet and I managed to finish 3/4 of what was served to me.

The bananas were a welcome addition to the honeycomb.

The husband ordered the relatively uncomplicated scrambled eggs on toast.

breakfast camden sydney review

What kind of a breakfast person are you? Sweet or savoury?

Visit these guys on the weekends afternoons when they also trade as a bar.

Visit Squeeze and Grind – Camden Village Court, 2/3/180 Argyle St, Camden NSW

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5 thoughts on “Squeeze and Grind – Camden

  1. I typically prefer a sweet breakfast (French toast, pancake, waffles YUM)… but sometimes I do like eggs Benedict once in a while.
    That stack of pancakes is GLORIOUS! ❤


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