Thrifty Valentines and anniversary gift ideas

While I’ve been researching decor and themes for our new home, I’ve come across some super cute Valentines and anniversary ideas that won’t break the bank.

The best thing is that these gift ideas can be personalised. They could even be a DIY which makes it even more special and heartfelt.

These are some ideas I have for my husband but they may suit you as well.

Personalised signs


This sign is super cute for a fisherman…or in my case a wannabe fisherman. Plus it’s a big of a backhanded compliment to you 😉

This particular sign is available at Etsy via the the Saucy Signs online store. These types of signs start from $12.

Wall art

I’ve always been a bit shy about putting up our wedding pictures of ourselves in our own place. We have some gorgeous photos but I want to keep them for us.

If it’s in our bedroom, it feels more private. Something about us, for us.

Both ideas are from Pinterest.

Such a tasteful way to display wedding photos right?

It doesn’t even have to  be wedding photos, but it could be selfies, photos on holidays just anything that is a good memory that the two of you share.


We all have those moments in bed where we have our little private jokes right? Well…so do about a billion other peope which is why these cute and funny pillows exist.

I recommend scouring through Etsy once again for that perfect one that captures your relationship 🙂

couples pillow gift idea
Etsy – Shifting Status Kuo
Big Spoon anniversary pillow idea
Etsy store – Creative Pillow LV

Do you exchange Valentines or anniversary gift ideas as well?

Featured image via Unsplash

Photographer: Daria Sukhorukova

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