What I’ve been using: January Empties

The reason I post these empties type posts so infrequently is because it actually takes me ages to finish up products. I’m really stingy with the amount of skin care and make-up I use. I’ve always gone by the philosophy that a little goes a long way.

So what did I finish up this month?

Toni and Guy Wave Memoriser

Toni and Guy wave memoriser

I love this stuff.  My hair is naturally wavy so after washing and air drying 20% of it,  I use a 10cent piece size of this on my hair by simply scrunching it around. Perfect for those days when you don’t have time to blow-dry.

It keeps the waves “together” and stops it from getting frizzy, while still keeping hair natural looking and soft. Also great for 2nd day hair.

Repurchase: yes.

Nivea Soothing Cleaning Moussenivea-soothing-cleaning-mousse.jpg.jpg

I normally love Nivea products but this foaming facial wash was just too mild for me. I prefer products that give that deep clean, fresh feeling.

The foam made it way too watery overall. It’s ok as a morning cleanser, but it’s definitely not good enough for the evenings when you want to cleanse your make-up and other dirt and grime away.

Repurchase: no

Natural Instinct Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil

Natural Instinct Rosehip Oil

I’d heard a lot about the benefits of rosehip oil and picked this one up when it was on special at Woolworths. I’ve never used rosehip oil before so was unsure of what to expect. I imagined something similar to The Bodyshop Vitamin E Overnight Serum. This one was disappointing. The smell was overwhelming and not exactly pleasant. It didn’t have any noticeable effects, even when used with a night cream.

Repurchase : no

Nivea Q10 Anti Wrinkle Night Cream

Nivea q10 plus night cream

I love evening skin care products. They feel so luxurious and pampering and I love the whole magical idea about them working while you sleep. This particular Nivea night cream may have worked better for me if I was a little older. It wasn’t hydrating enough for my dry-skin type.

Repurchase: no

Innisfree Lime Sleeping Mask

Innisfree Lime Sleeping Mask

I purchase this on a whim after ogling at Stashy’s Korean Beauty Haul.

I have used some face sheet masks in the past but I don’t think I used them properly.

For this time around, I put it on just before I was ready to go to bed. I had the mask on for about 30 minutes and then I massaged the excess product left in before sleeping. In the morning my face felt noticeably softer and a lot more hydrated. Nothing ground-breaking but not bad for $2.50 a sachet on Ebay. Plus with the heat-waves we have been having this was a lovely way to keep my face cool through the night as well 🙂

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on rosehip oil and face sheet masks?

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7 thoughts on “What I’ve been using: January Empties

  1. I find the sheet masks can be a bit fiddly, but I tried the new Garnier one that hydrates dry skin. It was sliding a bit all over the place but I did manage to leave it on for 20 minutes and then massage the excess in, it did feel a bit tacky. I’m not sure on the long term results as I would probably need to try it more than once, but I am a fan of peel off masks! 🙂 xx

    Velvet Blush

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  2. Ooh I missed this post! Glad you linked it in your month end update! 😉
    The Toni and Guy Wave Memoriser sounds like something I’d like! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.
    So glad you enjoyed the sheet mask! I haven’t tried Innisfree masks but that lime one looks refreshing. Might have to try it when it’s summer weather here!

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