Let’s catch up: January

I have to say 2017 has gotten off to a great start for The Western Sydney Girl.

I’ve finally gotten my act together and managed to roll out quite a few posts. In case you missed some, let’s catch up 🙂

I reviewed and rounded up some places I’d eaten out at including the Boy and the Rose Cafe in Avoca and one particular post that has been quite a number of clicks – The Black Elk Espresso.

Review of Black Elk Espresso in Liverpool
A review of breakfast at Black Elk Espresso in Carnes Hill

Just one of the many options for breakfast and brunch in Western Sydney.

I shopped a little but mostly just ogled at stuff online like shahara and palazzo suits. I don’t even have an occasion to wear these outfits too yet 😦

Palazzo and sharara suit fashion

It doesn’t make sense to be buying a whole lot at the moment because we are still living at my mums place while our house gets built. It’s been delayed once again and I’m so over it. At time I feel like blogging about those frustrations but I might just spare you guys.

It hasn’t been easy but it will be worth it.

Best self help books

I’ve got a mini-holiday coming up which also made me think of some recent holidays including deciding between Bali and Fiji. Can’t wait for some tropical weather soon and to share the details of my next holiday.

I have a gorgeous Airbnb booked. Fingers crossed it’s as good as my past experiences 🙂

Speaking of tropical weather, Sydney is currently going through the hottest January in 150 years. Tonight at midnight it will be 31 degrees! Wish me luck as I get though this one!

Sydney walks - Spit to Manly
We did this walk on a pretty hot day…luckily there were lots of gorgeous beaches along the way to cool down with

Sorry to toot my own horn a bit but things have taken off a little more in the Twitter world for me as well. I got 100 new followers in January alone which is double what I had last year. It’s not much but it’s something. Come along and watch me try and figure out Twitter. Most times I just end up talking to myself. Say hi so I don’t look like a complete weirdo :p

As for Instagram..things have slowed down there.

I think I’m too old and uncool to have those themed Instagram accounts where everything is gorgeous and minimal just on a white background. Let me know if you have any tips or can recommend anything to me that has worked for you.

How has January been for you? Are you over your current season as well and can’t wait for it to cool down/warm up?

Original featured image via Unsplash.

Photographer: Hoach Le Dinh

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2 thoughts on “Let’s catch up: January

  1. Where are you off to for your mini holiday? Or are you not ready for the reveal?
    Nah, IG doesn’t have to be perfect. I like bucking the trend of NOT being all polished with those marble backgrounds and perfect “flat lays”. 😛 Let’s start a new trend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are off to Port Douglas which is in far north Queensland. Can’t wait for some tropical weather!
      Thanks Stashy. It’s just the envy I get sometimes when I scroll up and down through my Instagram feed.
      I’m going to focus on being real even if that isn’t Insta perfect.


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