What’s on in Western Sydney for Australia Day

The “Western Sydney” part of my blog hasn’t really made an appearance yet unless you count the several eating out posts. But there is so much more to Western Sydney, than just eating out.

This is going to be a regular feature of the blog – capturing the best of what’s around in Western Sydney.

This post is specifically about what’s on during Australia Day 26th January.

The best bit: a lot of it is free and family friendly!

So my picks of where you should be spending Australia Day:


Hot air balloons over Parramatta – won’t that be a gorgeous sight!


Registrations are closed to actually get a ride but watching this should be almost as good.

Make sure you get in early to secure a spot by the riverside to watch this spectacle across Parramatta. It starts from 6am and hot air balloons should be up (weather permitting) until 11am.

If getting up early on a public holiday is not your thing, never fear there is entertainment throughout the day at Parramatta Park including the Triple J Annual Hottest 100 Countdown, and bands playing in between breaks.

The day will end with a fireworks display at 9pm.

For more info visit : Australia Day Parramatta


Penrith will be putting on a family friendly celebration in Jamison Park.

This sounds like a real hands on day with displays and shows like cow milking and whip cracking.

It will also have festival food favorites of fairy floss, burgers and an Australian BBQ.

For more info visit : Australia Day Penrith


Liverpool’s event start from 2pm at Woodparks Park with the band Sneaky Sound System being the headline act.

There is plenty of shows and acts for younger children including children’s carnival rides.

Ferris wheels carnival

There is a promise of food trucks plus My Kitchen Rules former contestants also making an appearance.

Fireworks from 9pm.

More info and maps: Australia Day Liverpool


Holroyd Council has recently merged with Auburn Council and so their joint celebrations are bigger than ever!

There will be FREE amusement rides for children at Holroyd Gardens. The other things that’s free? Free shuttle buses every 30 minutes from shopping centres and station in the surrounding suburbs.

The celebrations kick off at 5pm with Indigenous dance and music and come to a close at 9pm with fireworks.

More info : Australia Day Cumberland

What’s next?

If you have a weekend event you think should be featured here, please get in touch as this will soon be a weekly feature.

And just in case you were wondering my opinion – yes. Australia Day needs to be moved to another date.

Featured image via Unsplash Photographer: Marat Gilyadzinov

7 thoughts on “What’s on in Western Sydney for Australia Day

  1. Ooh I always wondered when your national holiday is. I like that it’s not close to other holidays. Canada Day (July 1st) is always overshadowed by the American Independence Day (July 4th).
    That Lamb video is funny… but what does it have to do with moving Australia Day to another date? 😕

    Happy Australia Day! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Stashy!

      The Australia Day date is quite controversial because most people refer to it being the day in history when Indigneous Australians were dispossessed of their land with the arrival of the British. It’s not really something to celebrate really.
      The popular new date of choice is May 8 (MATE) so very Aussie haha.


      1. Ah it seems that Australia and Canada has similar history then. We owe a big apology to our Aboriginal people. My sister is Aboriginal (we’re both adopted) and she knows her heritage but they’re so marginalized. Similar to how in the US, they incarcerate a disproportionate number of African Americans, here in Canada, the same is true for the Aboriginals due to a host of things like forcing them onto Reserves.
        Our Canada Day celebrates the signing of an Act in uniting different provinces, so there hasn’t been specific issues with that date. I like the sounds of May 8 but wouldn’t that be your Autumn weather then? I suspect people like to have a day off when it’s summer weather outside (hence why we have ours July 1st! 😛 )


      2. That’s really interesting Stash.
        Austraia officially apologised to the Indigenous community for one thing – the Stolen generation. When half caste Aboriginal children were taken away from their parents and placed in homes without their choice. Australia should follow suit and celebrate the day of signing our first constitution too.
        It’s a sad history for both Indigenous groups in both countries.
        Our Autumns are pretty mild so I don’t think any body would mind the date. change 🙂


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