Stunning secret beaches – Spit to Manly walk

Lower expectations usually means a better reality. You’ve heard that one right?

Well, it worked in my favour this time around because the Spit to Manly walk has ended up being one of my most favorite walks ever in Sydney. The views and secret beaches make it all worthwhile.

The walk starts at the Spit Bridge before it very quickly turns into a bit of a bush walk.

Spit to Manly walk track blog

After about 40 minutes of walking we came across Clontarf and settled in for a coffee break.

Special mention for this coffee kiosk – Clonny’s Kiosk. The service was so lovely. The barista when he called me name out for my coffee said “there you go, now you have a wonderful day ok?!” And he flashed me the most dazzling smile ever! I felt special for about 30 seconds and then I realized everyone gets that same dazzling smile.

Clonny's Kiosk - Toby's Estate coffee

This was a lovely water side area with lots of families with young children having barbecues, relaxing or going for a dip in the water. Just enough well behaved cute little kids to make one feel clucky.

We continued walking through and passed a suburban area which gave me major #houseenvy, before we picked up the walking track again by following signs.

Spit to manly walk

It was seriously the most gorgeous day. I snapped heaps of pictures  and hashtag them all #nofilter. We are so so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world.

Spit to Manly
Spot the lizard

We passed several beaches before we decided to step down and relax at one of them for another break. These beaches were really child friendly with soft waves and lots of families enjoying picnics by the water.


The walk got very uphill at one point but we kept getting rewarded with amazing views that make everything seem better.


Towards 3 quarters of our walk we reached the point where we had started another walk last year, the Fairlight beach walk (much easier in my opinion) but you also don’t get the stunning views like we got on this walk.

We ended this walk at Manly after walking for about 5 hours with generous breaks. I also hit my FitBit best of 25,000 steps!

Manly has several lunch spots to enjoy enjoy with a cheeky drink as well the beach to cool down with.

Do you enjoy going for hikes? What kind of scenery do you like on your hikes?

*All photos are taken on a Samsung S5 with no filters used.

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11 thoughts on “Stunning secret beaches – Spit to Manly walk

  1. Gorgeous! I live in the city so it’s difficult to get away for hikes like this… plus, our scenery isn’t nearly as beautiful as this! We have forests and hills… πŸ˜› We do have lakes too but most are all taken up by cottages.

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  2. This sounds fantastic! I’ve lived in Sydney my whole life but I feel like I’ve barely explored it, I’ll definitely be putting this on my to-do list…

    Liked by 1 person

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