Black Elk Espresso, Carnes Hill

We were pretty excited about the new recreation and community facilities that opened up in Carnes Hill last year.

And then they announced Black Elk Espresso. Just what the area needed.

These guys at Black Elk know what they are doing.

Black Elk Espresso Carnes Hill review

You might as well be in an inner city cafe…and what’s even better about this place is that you actually have space. They’re not doing that whole “trendy” thing of cramped cafe spaces.

The louvered windows not only look great but also provide natural light and air circulation.

black elk cafe inside carnes hill

black elk cafe seating

Black Elk offers All Day Breakfast which is a welcome to this neck of the woods. They had offerings of Nutella Pancakes which I WILL have next time (not available on weekends)

I chose the Jamón Breakfast:

Jamon Eggs Black Elk Breakfast

This had perfectly poached eggs with ham and salsa spread on sourdough toast. It was sprinkled through with cherry tomatoes and almonds. The meal was delicious and a really generous portion. Please note that the Jamon Eggs are not offered on the weekend breakfast menu.

Fun fact: Jamón is the Spanish word for ham

My dining companion picked the Mediterranean Eggs, which was quite similar to the Jamón eggs.

The Mediterranean breakfast Black Elk Western Sydney

This dish had poached eggs once again, this time with chorizo on pesto glazed sourdough.

For drinks, the warm Sydney summer morning called for an iced coffee:

Iced coffee Black Elk Espresso

The coffee was creamy although on the weak side.

The desserts menu looked quite enticing and reasonably priced too:

Black elk dessert menu

The display counter also had bites for light eats or to pick up something quickly if you were in a hurry.

Brownie points

A special mention to the young staff – they were really lovely, even on their first week of trade. Smiles all around. Extra brownie points for 2 staff members for coming to our table to ask how our meal was. They weren’t being overly attentive to the point of overbearing, but asking that does go a long way and shows that you care.

The second time a young staff member asked us how everything was, she also said “I hope you didn’t have to wait too long for your food.” We actually had waited over 20 minutes for our meals but we had put this down to the cafe and staff being new and getting used to the working of the place. We told her this and she apologized and thanked us for our patience. It turns out, she owns the place along with her husband. And everyone working there were all new staff.

So nice to see young couples having trust and taking a chance on South West Sydney.

There are so many young couples and families like myself who are investing in this area and are hoping to raise children in this area. We all grew up here but travel to Inner Sydney for our brunch and coffee fix. Small business owners, take a leaf out of Black Elk Espresso’s book and please come to us in Western Sydney and we will come to your cafe’s and restaurants.

****UPDATE*** – I’ve been back to Black Elk 3 times now – read the newest review here  for more information.


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7 thoughts on “Black Elk Espresso, Carnes Hill

  1. I went there for brunch this morning and had the haloumi salad on the recommendation of my server. It was delicious. And their customer service was fantastic. Attentive & friendly but not intrusive. I’ll definitely be back!


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