Seriously Saving

If you have followed this blog for a while, you would have known all about my financial situation and the journey towards saving for a house deposit. I ended up removing all those posts from my blog because it was getting a little too personal…right down to the dollar.

But I have good news – we reached our target before the end of the year, and I’m ready to share how we did it so you can too!

We decided we have to get serious about savingHow serious? Well we moved out of our apartment and moved into a bedroom in my parents house to save money.

If you want to save a huge amount – you will have to make some drastic choices.

Sure in the beginning I though “Oh I’ll give up my daily coffee, that’s $3 saved a day”. Yes its saving, but in the bigger scheme of things it was barely making a dent in our savings.

Our biggest expense was our rent which is why we moved in with mum and dad who were extremely kind in saying that they didn’t want us to pay them rent. We help out with groceries, pay the monthly internet bill and any other bills of theirs I can get my hands on.

It hasn’t been easy to move back for a number of reasons. Firstly the commute to work is a killer. It’s exhausting. Secondly I miss my alone time so much. There is always someone at home. The freedom is another big thing. Mum and dads house means mum and dads rules.

The past few weeks I’ve had some moments where I’ve turned to my husband and said this is all too hard. And it is hard, but it would be even harder  if we were still renting. We have saved in 6 months what we wouldn’t have been able to save in 2 years if we were still renting. And hopefully in 6 months our place will be built.

And that alone makes it worth it.

Other ways to save that worked for me – refuse to pay full price for anything. I shopped around online and compared prices before heading out to stores.

When it came to buying gifts, think about the present first rather than heading out to the department stores to browse. I have some friends who love some cookies I make occasionally so I got them a small gift with an IOU Cookies card.

Instead of going away on a big holiday, go on a few short weekends away and  stay at Airbnbs rather than hotels. The short breaks are refreshing and if booked early enough, you wil get some great finds. For our anniversary trip coming up, we are going to use our frequent flyer points to save money on domestic airfares.

Have you had to change any habits or make any major lifestyle changes to save money seriously?

9 thoughts on “Seriously Saving

  1. Financial things are so personal – I understand your rationale for removing the details. It’s good that you made the sacrifices now so you can achieve your ultimate goal sooner!
    My SO is the saver so he’s set up all my savings to deduct automatically out of my accounts! If I never see the money, I don’t spend it… 😛

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  2. Congrats on reaching your savings goal! Must be a relief 🙂 I’ve been overspending recently with the sales – I’m even considering buying a money bank to pop a small amount in throughout the year so I don’t overspend next winter! I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

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