Saved time

I feel like I’m on a bit of a lucky streak. Or maybe a happy streak. You decide.

The weekend before last we stayed at a lovely Airbnb on the Central Coast and this week I’ve been house sitting for my sister and have had the luxury of my commute to work being only 15mins.

In the time that I have managed to save this week I have read Jaclyn Moriarty “Feeling sorry for Celia“.  I decided to try another Moriarty sibling since I love most of Liane Moriarty books. Hot tip – Liane’s Big Little Lies is being made into a mini series with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon so I highly recommend getting into her novels now before everyone else jumps on board.

I’m also halfway through Caroline Overingtons “I Came to Say Goodbye” based on a recommendation from The Sydney Shop Girl – so far so good. Thrilled to have found another Aussie author to read.

This week we also made the final variations to our house plans. It was meant to have started building now but because there are delays with the land registering, we have mananged to get extra some time to save a little more and put some thought into what we actually want. The biggest splurge has been on bamboo flooring and getting a freestanding bath. 

My Pinterest these days is leaning very much toward house decor. We picked out colours last week and I should have known of course that everything I liked would come at a premium price. So we stuck to basics and will add our own touch on things later on.

I have started worrying that the colours I have picked don’t go together so I really need to remind myself it doesn’t need to be perfect. Feels a lot like wedding planning!

2017 is already looking quite busy..and expensive. I managed to score some much sought after Adele tickets. And then the next day I get an email saying that Salman Khan is coming to Sydney in 2017. I didn’t go to his concert last time (1997) cos I was 9 years old…if he waits another 20 years to visit again he’ll be 70 and I doubt he’ll be grooving to his shirtless Bollywood numbers.

What do you do when you end up with free time you wouldn’t normally have?

7 thoughts on “Saved time

  1. Seems like everything is going in your favour lately! It’s so good to acknowledge these things because it often feels like the world is conspiring against us! 😉
    Decorating is exciting but also daunting – glad you were able to upgrade a couple of items before they started building!

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