When a trip away is not a holiday

We just spent 10 days in New Zealand visiting family. And this was not a holiday. This was visiting family. When I fill out my departure card at Sydney Airport, I triple check to make sure I’ve ticked the “visiting family” box rather than “holiday” when I get to the question about reason for the trip.

Sure it’s nice to not be at work but unless I’m sitting by a pool side or a fireplace with a glass of wine for 3 days plus it’s not a holiday. It’s still pretty nice to not be at work though.

I did squeeze in a day trip to the beautiful beach town of Mangawhai on the North Island:

Mangawhai New Zealand

Only 2 hours away from Auckland. It was a beautiful country side drive and even more lovely when we got there. No filters on this one!

We also visited the local Mangawhai waterside tavern:

Back in Auckland we ate out a little bit but it was mostly unimpressive. My breakfast of eggs benedict was served to me with canned salmon and my cappucino had that burnt taste to it.

Shame because it does look like a nice meal.

On another day my fish and chip was served with 6 – fries. That was enough to make me give up a little on eating out in Auckland. We are so lucky to have an abundance of great cafes and restaurants in Sydney.

since the last few weekend have been full of family commitments, we are going up the coast for a proper weekend away. AirBnB and nice cafes just around the corner.

So do family visits abroad or interstate mean holiday to you?

Have a great weekend guys!

And it will be ok. It really will.


6 thoughts on “When a trip away is not a holiday

  1. Interesting that they are so specific about the reason for travel. Ours is “business” or “holiday”. That’s it. 😛
    We do not have any family that live far away! Not sure if that’s good or bad, lol.


    1. That makes it easy then doesn’t it! I feel like we have at 4 categories to choose from.
      It’s not terrible because there isn’t a whole lot to do in Auckland so I’m not exactly missing out.
      I can see that you are not really inspired to blog either 😦 Hope you are enjoying your down time.


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