Mini Rimmel haul

I haven’t bought any make-up in a long time! So when I got an email from Priceline saying that some of their brands had 50% off, I couldn’t help but think it was time to treat myself. Just a little bit.

This post isn’t a review…let’s call it first impressions πŸ™‚


I went straight to the Rimmel section and starting eyeing the 60 Second Super Shine Polishes. I’m a huge fan of these because the colour selection is great and they dry fast.

These babies were $2.97 each after being discounted.

The shades I picked were Ring a Ring O’Roses and Caramel Cupcake.

Ring a Ring O’Roses is a pretty milkshakeΒ pink shade. Even though the website says you only need 1 application, I do 2 to get really good coverage and a shine.


I’m not the most patient or the tidiest nail polish applier.

I’m yet to try the Caramel Cupcake.

Since I am completely in love with the 107 in the Kate Moss Velvet range, I thought I’d try a day-time friendlier hue and picked up the 103.

This is a dark pink shade.


The last thing I picked up was the Colour Precise Eyeliner. The one I have at the moment is so faded I can’t even remember which brand it is!


I exchanged the first one that I bought within a few days because the felt tip felt dried out. With my second one it has only improved by 40%. I’m yet to actually try it on my eyes but I imagine I’ll need a few coats.

I got these 4 goodies for under $20.

Have you tried any of the above? Does the eyeliner get any better?


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