Exclusive! Practical writing tips to use for blogging

I attended a writing class as a part of professional development for work a few weeks ago and it ended up being really useful for blog writing purposes as well!

It felt like sitting through an English lesson. And since I’m not in high school – I appreciated it a lot more than I would have. During the class, my mind kept buzzing with – “I need to apply this for my blog!”

Luckily you don’t have to sit through the class because I’ve summarised the best tips for you below.

The most useful tips for blogging:

Stop writing to impress your 5th grade teacher

Our teachers in primary school were there to expand our vocabulary and now since most of us are done with school – our vocabulary is pretty decent. We’ve made it this far by speaking like ourselves right? So it’s a good idea to write in the same way you talk. Remove words like nonetheless, however, in regards to etc because who actually talks like that?

Readers should only have to read your text once. If they have to read it twice to understand it means that your text was not clear to begin with.

Use short sentences

They’re good for getting your point across. If they are too long we lose interest and stop reading halfway.

Keep your sentences simple

It’s OK to repeat words. If you are writing about rubbish bins, refer to the bins as bins in your whole post. Don’t change bin to trash, garbage, incinerator or another fancy word. It just gets confusing.

The F Shape

Another thing I found interesting is the F shaped pattern that our eyes follow when we read. In short – we read horizontally and then start skimming the page down.

Image and more information at : https://www.nngroup.com/articles/f-shaped-pattern-reading-web-content/

If you have too many blocks of information, most of us will just skip through.

Looks matter

Use formatting and bullet points. Bullet points are great for breaking down information into chunks and it looks clearer when you are reading.

Readers also love headings because not everyone want to read everything. Sometimes we just want to skip to the bit that is relevant to us.

This was a nice little summary exercise for me. Fun fact (except it’s not really fun) English was my fave class at school. What was yours? What kind of writing style works for you?

17 thoughts on “Exclusive! Practical writing tips to use for blogging

  1. This is so helpful! Since I was an English major, I’ve had ‘academic writing’ sort of drilled into me. It’s nice to be able to write like I talk for once, only sometimes some of those ‘howevers’ and nonetheless’ creeps in, haha.

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  2. So awesome you’re passing your course lessons to us – this is like the cheat sheet! πŸ˜†
    So interesting about the F shape reading pattern!
    I adopt a lot of business writing in my blog entries – short sentences, lots of breaks and bullet points whenever possible. πŸ˜›

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  3. The F shape you mentioned is most interesting to me.
    I have noticed that while reading other blogs I skim through it if there’s too much text unless they’ve inserted spaces between the blocks. Social media has done a number on us, huh? lol!!!

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