Easy 90’s fashion looks you can recreate

I loved the 90s. And while I didn’t really care for fashion when I WAS in the 90s, it’s pretty funny to see the same trends have come around again. So when a trend that you have already “done” comes around again, do you let it pass or do you go for it again?

The choker trend

So I am totally guilty of watching this season of The Bachelor (you’re better off without him Nikki) and every second girl on the show had a choker on. I remember these chokers being all the rage in the mid 90s and all over Dolly and Girlfriend magazines when I used to peek through my sisters copy.


Sabrina teenage witch choker
image via Pinterest


kendall choker trend
image via vogue.com

The slip dress

This is a trend I can definitely imagine myself wearing now since I  was too young the first time around.


Via Pinterest


Slip dress trend now
Via Instyle

The Metallic look trend

I remember this trend quite clearly. The metallic look was about us living in ’99 and being excited about the new millennium. Cos metallic = future = 2000.

Image via buzzfeed – I love this look!!
Metallic trend
Image via fashionisers.com

This post was so much fun to write. While looking for inspiration I came across some great reads about 90s fashion and it made me feel so nostalgic for those good old days.

Have you tried any of the above looks lately? And which of your fave 90s looks have I missed?

8 thoughts on “Easy 90’s fashion looks you can recreate

  1. 90s was an awesome decade! But as a 1990 baby I’m biased 😏. The 10 things I hate about you and Sabrina images brings back good memories hahahaha! ❤️ this post!

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  2. I found a slip dress in my closet over the weekend while clearing it out, lol! It was black satin. I didn’t have the heart to get rid of it. I’m not sure if I can do the choker look again…

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