The girl in the cinema

I was really looking forward to watching the Girl on the Train. I was excited when I read the comparisons to Gone Girl and even more excited when I read the book and heard about the film adaptation. But today when I went to watch the movie something happened that deflated my excitement and happiness even before the lights dimmed for the movie.

In my enthusiasm I booked my tickets the day before. My movie companion was my sister as the husband decided to pass on this one after being scared off by Gone Girl. So just a girls night out at the movies. Perfect.

When you book tickets you get the added advantage of preselecting your seats which I did early seeing as the movie had only released a few days before.

My sister went to the loo, and I went to find our seats and get settled in a good 5 minutes before the movie started.

When I got to our seats there was a couple in our allocated seat.

Me: Hi, sorry but I think you might be in my seat. This is R11 right?

Lady: I dunno. Maybe.

Me: Yes it is. Can you please move?

They moved two seats over and then this started.

Lady: Why do you have to sit there you dumb Indian bitch? Just sit anywhere. Who cares? Everyone is sitting wherever they want.

Me: I want to sit on my allocated seat so I don’t sit on someones elses seat and then have to move again.

I shouldn’t have bothered really because she just kept calling me stupid Indian and that I should go back to where I came from.

She then started threatening and saying she wouldn’t let my friend down the aisle to the seat next to me. Her partner just sat there like nothing was happening.

By this time I had texted my sister and given her a heads up to come the long way around.

She continued to talk and swear at which point I just ignored her.

But it was too late. My heart already felt heavy, my ears were burning and I wasn’t able to enjoy the movie.

I haven’t experienced anything like this before so this is a new feeling. I’m not the sort to not stick up for myself but I couldn’t think of how to do it. I couldn’t call her names or anything because that would make me as bad as her.

The worst thing is I keep thinking is it my fault somehow? Should I just have sat somewhere else? Not made an issue of the seat? Maybe she was having a bad day and she chose to take it out on me?

It has made me sad rather than angry.

When I hugged my sister bye after the movie she held me a second extra than usual and said “Don’t think about her. Don’t worry about it”.

I did though. I drove home with a lump in my throat and my best to not cry so I won’t have to explain teary eyes when I get home.

11 thoughts on “The girl in the cinema

  1. You did the right thing, she was in the wrong, it is in no way your fault. It really saddens me that racism still exists in our society, it doesn’t make any sense. I’m glad that you shared this, it’s important that people are kept aware so that eventually one day maybe this sort of thing won’t have to happen anymore.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear this! That’s horrible! I can imagine that must have made you feel awful. I hate when people are so hateful. It seems all movies these days have assigned seats. And your right if you had sat somewhere else someone might have kicked you out of those seats. Plus I’m sure you chose your seats early to get a good spot with your sister. I had a guy one time tell me I shouldn’t come to church dressed the way I was. It’s been 20 years but I still remember that hurtful comment. Just keep your head up and know not everyone out there is such a hateful,self centered, cow : )

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  3. That girl was clearly just stupid! My initial reaction is you should have just gone to town on her, but then that just brings you down to her level. And you have every right to sit where you booked, after all you booked those seats because they had a good view right. It’s sad that people like this exist, but you were definitely the bigger person in this situation and should take satisfaction from that πŸ™‚

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  4. OH MAN! What a BITCH! I would have gotten an employee from the theatre to deal with that crap. And she ruined the movie experience for you as well! I has nothing to do with you – it’s ALL HER. Horrible. I’ve luckily not experienced such overt hostility before. I’m sorry it happened to you.

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