No time like the present

This morning we signed the home loan papers for our house and I have never felt so old or broke.

Shit just got real.

After we signed it, the bank staff kept saying congratulations to us and all I could think was really?! Congratulations? I just signed my life away to you for 30 years :O

We don’t really start paying a cent until the land is actually released from council and can be registered…so 1 month to go if all goes to plan. And then maybe another 6 for the build.

And in unrelated news – back to coffee pods at work. Spending $6 a week on a 10pack of L’Or Coffee Pods rather than $3.30 on a barista made coffee a day.

My mug. It never gets old.

Lor Coffee pods

Having seriously picture perfect days in Sydney. It makes the suburbs out this way look so pretty.

suburban life western sydney

That Jacaranda treeΒ is just dying to bloom.

Something strange is happening with my Instagram. Not that I am complaining..just curious. All of a sudden I get 50 likes within 10 minutes for rather ordinary photos. Have I jumped up on some weird algorithm thing? Not sure.

As for my vegetarian news – so far we have eaten out once to escape vegetarian curries at home and yesterday I made some mushroom pasta in a white sauce with some avocados. The next few things on my list are pizza, vegetarian lasagna, veg stir-fries. and vegetarians fajitas as suggested by Marriage Maze. So not starving yet πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “No time like the present

  1. Aw, it’s like a buyer’s remorse on the house. We get questions All. The. Time. about our decision not to buy a home. We just don’t want to be tied down for 30 years to anything. And the way things are in the Toronto housing market, it’s cheaper to rent plus save for retirement. I have no romantic notions about home ownership. I think all my friends who are bought houses want us to join in their misery… πŸ˜‰
    We have communal coffee at work. I pay into it once a month, about $10. And it’s tasty!
    Hmm your vegetarian meals sound good! The trick is to not get tired of the same handful of ingredients.

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