Long weekend vibes

My interest in camping has really piqued after a visit to Bonnie Vale Beach yesterday. It is located right by a campground with pretty reasonable looking facilitates. The beach itself was calm and didn’t get too crowded even though it was perfect long weekend weather.


I felt incredibly over dressed for the beach as I had thought our plans were only for bush walking and a spot of fishing (not on a beach!!). After lazing around in the sand for a good few hours in my hiking gear while the others fished we had a quick bite of our packed lunches and drove over to one of the next beaches. Jibbon Beach.


This was a gorgeous beach as well, and slightly busier than Bonnie Vale but more spread out. We were here to do a quick coastal circuit walk from the beach up to Shelley Beach.

The walk itself was reminiscent of Wattamolla because it is the other half of the walk (am still yet to do the middle Wedding Cake part of it) with very similar views. And just as a heads up there are a few nude beaches on the circuit where you may get an eyefull.


This weekend I also tried out Tornadoes Smokehouse at Bonnyrigg. I love American style diners and food. Was excited to see lamb ribs on the menu but since ours was a lunch visit I stuck to a quarter chicken and some good old crinkle cut chips. I haven’t had these in forever.


The potato salad was of course to bring some ‘balance’ to the meal but ended up being the only thing still left on our plates. Oops.

The next 2 weeks will be vegetarian weeks in my household. This is a real struggle with me and my meat-eating habits but I guess that’s what happens when you live with the parents. Gotta obey their rules. I’m going to be looking at Pinterest for some vegetarian meal options. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

8 thoughts on “Long weekend vibes

  1. This looks like such a nice little get away!
    Good luck with 2 full weeks of vegetarian meals… we instated a once per week no-meat day at our house about a year ago. This was influenced by an aquarium, of all places! They said it would reduce our carban footprint if we all tried it for once a week and we’ve been making an effort. I don’t do the cooking but the key ingredients have been avocado, couscous, eggplants, mushrooms. And the SO has mastered how to bread tofu and bake them in the oven – really tasty when you marinade the tofu beforehand.

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    1. That’s such a great idea. I grew up having meat free days twice a week for religious reasons but I remember feeling so deprived those days. It felt like punishment.
      Your key ingredients are all my favorite vegetarian food! Plus sweet potato.
      My tofu attempts have been pretty awful but I haven’t tried marinating them beforehand…maybe I’ll try your SO’s trick next time 🙂


  2. You’re so lucky you have places like that to visit! Ooo and vegi meals – you can make all sorts! One of my faves is veggie fajitas using quorn or soya pieces instead of chicken – yum. And macaroni cheese – also super yum! Good luck going veggie for the next couple of weeks hahaha

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      1. I used to just do pastas, but you can fajitas, enchiladas, tacos – basically anything using a meat substitute lol, who knows maybe you’ll convert and become a veggie!

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