How to create office to evening looks

It’s all too often that we rush out of work to head to dinner or nights out to catch up with friends. This is when planning outfits in advance becomes handy or you could simply pick some pieces which are versatile enough to get you through your whole day.

Check out some of the looks I have chosen below to get me through from work to evening plans:

Black is the new black.

Black is safe, sensible and sexy. All at once.

This is why it is really hard to go wrong with a black dress. Perfect for the office and the after work drinks at the bar. Change your look by adding accessories such as a block coloured necklace for the daytime and something sparkly for the evenings.

Softer hues work well in the day-time but don’t forget that’s it easy to your outfit to the next level for after work by swapping your blazer for a leather jacket.

Since Spring is in the air, we do love our florals just that little bit extra. Pick florals against a dark backdrop to easily evolve the look for a cute night out.


This dress above is the perfect example of how to do night to day dresses. The split makes the dress even more versatile.

So there you have it – 3 of my picks that can get you from work to nights out while still managing to be stylish and dressed for whatever comes your way!

More looks like the ones I have picked can be found over at the dress collection at Lyst. Get in quick though because they have some great sales on at the moment!

This is a sponsored post however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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