Anticipation and Practicality

I haven’t decided yet whether I like school holidays or not. The traffic on the way to work has been reduced dramatically which is a huge plus as it buys me another hour of sleep in the mornings. The cons – children/teenagers are everywhere! And I like kids. Most kids.

In anticipation for the revival of the Gilmore Girls series on Netflix come November, I have restarted watching the entire series. I love the fast humour and quick-witted dialogue and camaraderie between the main characters. The show has definitely aged in some aspects as they occasionally use the term gay synonymously as uncool. I wonder why no-one noticed it when the show was actually on air?

I am currently up to the episode just before the love of my fictional life comes in – Jess Mariano. His brooding good looks, dry humour, leather jackets and the fact that he reads! It’s what my 16-year-old dreams were made of. Best bit is that he will be back for the new series!

Most of the weekends these days have been taken up by visiting display home villages around Sydney. Not a bad way to pass time. One of the first things I learned very quickly was that the display home is usually the “premium” version of whatever price has been advertised. The price that is given to you is for a basic home and to get extras like stone bench tops which are considered the norm, you have to fork out extra. Also display homes look so much prettier because they have hardly any practical features – i.e fly-screens and clothes line.


Come on – my backyard would look a lot nicer too if we didn’t need a clothes line!

If you do want to look at Display Homes – the two villages I recommend are Oran Park and Stockland Willowdale in South West Sydney for ease of parking as well as a variety of homes.


3 thoughts on “Anticipation and Practicality

  1. I’m a huge GG fan and like Jess out of all 3 boyfriends because he reads too! I finished watching the entire 7 seasons for the second time in June this year… Can’t wait for the revival, hope it’s not disappointing!

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