In between

Hey there former Girl ‘Bout Town readers, thanks for continuing to follow me on the Western Sydney Girl πŸ™‚

We are currently in that strange in between weather in Sydney where I can wear open toed shoes and a summer dress but carry around a coat just in case.

Yesterday during a road trip down to Wollongong we stopped by the Green Room Cafe for a quick bite.

The Green Room Cafe - Wollongong

The Dirty Bird burger was amazing! And because it’s because I haven’t had a burger in a while that I enjoyed this one so much.

It was a lovely day down south.


As for keeping things local, I have joined my local gym, attended yoga classes, joined the local library and am also constantly on the lookout for new cafes and restaurants. All these things don’t make my daily four hour commute to work any shorter but it is giving me something to look forward to when I come home. The gym feels like somewhere I go now just to do something goodΒ and worthwhile for myself.

One of the other perks of moving back to South West Sydney is the perks of having the cost of so many thingΒ cheaper. I get my eyebrows threaded for $6 now. In the past I paid anywhere between Β $8-$25 for this. Plus because I go this lady’s salon at home it’s nice knowing there is only 1 person working on my eyebrows so the work done is consistent.

What has got me slightly gutted though was that Coffee Embassy back in Northmead now serve pho. And that’s not all – XSespresso with all their freak shake glory have opened up in Northmead as well. All would have been within walking distance 😦

Image via BuzzFeed

Realistically though who actually finishes those shakes? They are solely created for Instagram right?

Have you tried these freak shakes yet? And what is your solution for in-between weather?

9 thoughts on “In between

  1. Um I had one of those shakes at the summer fair and we finished it! πŸ˜› But it took the 2 of us to drink 1. Ours had a piece of blueberry pie on top along with candy floss and candies!
    Since we just came back from our trip, we noticed a big difference in the weather now compared to when we left – there’s more of a chill in the air and less humidity. Autumn is coming for us! Yay.

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