Quick review: Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

I never thought I’d jump on the cleansing oil bandwagon but my curiosity got the better of me this time.

The Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil comes in a sensible looking bottle. I don’t mind the fact that there is no pump because no pump means it instantly becomes a lot more travel friendly!

The texture of the product is a very light oil. And you only need a small coin sized amount to get the job done.

Like most Simple products there are artificial perfumes and colours or harsh chemicals which makes it a good choice for sensitive skin.

The instructions are fairly simple. Massage a small amount of oil around your face while it is dry and splash or rinse off with water.

It washes away all traces of make-up although I still use a separate eye-make-up remover. Afterwards when I toned with a cotton ball it was nice to see that it HAD barely any traces of dirt or makeup as I wiped away.

I found that my skin loved the cleansing oil. It was a welcome relief to use something hydrating. Only wish I had used it earlier on in Winter.

Unlike mircellar water this actually left my face feeling clean and fresh.

Have you tried this cleansing oil? Are there any other brand cleansing oils I should try next?


2 thoughts on “Quick review: Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

  1. I have been using cleansing oil for over 10 years. Still loving it! Try the Shu Uemura and DHC cleansing oil. They’re really good. I’m trying out the Biore (purple bottle, from Japan) cleansing oil at the moment. Even this drug store number has been great.

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