Rob’s campaign for TAFE Western Sydney [sponsored post]

I was all too excited when I was asked to collaborate on a post for TAFE Western Sydney for a couple of reasons.

Firstly – I’m pro-Western Sydney (that’s a tad obvious right?)

And also because I’m a TAFE graduate myself. And as a cherry on top I’m also currently enrolled in a TAFE OTEN course to go that next step with my career.

I had a bit of a chuckle at the videos that feature Rob Shehadie (of Fat Pizza and Housos fame) as he tries to get the message out there that TAFE is the way to go for professional accreditation. – Check it out below!

Personally, I completely vouch for Rob’s campaign as I’ve only ever had positive experiences from TAFE. In fact, I know of people who after completing their degrees with University enroll in TAFE to get actual hands-on practical knowledge and experience before they set out to find a job within their workforce.

Did you know that if you do a TAFE course, you can start working with the qualifications you gain? And since you have some qualifications under your belt already, it may be even easier to climb the workforce ladder afterwards. If you choose to do a University degree in the same sector you will most likely receive recognition of prior learning based on your studies from TAFE and you could easily shave off 2 years of course time while studying further, perhaps through distance education, so you can also work full-time.

TAFE Western Sydney offer flexibility by having a range of classes at different times of the day so that you can make it work around you and other commitments. You also have the option of taking on a full-time or part-time load. The multiple colleges around Western Sydney also make it super convenient as they are all within easy reach, by bus or trains, not to mention the distance option by studying through OTEN which gives you the freedom and power to complete your studies in your own time.

This post has been sponsored by TAFE WSI however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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