Always time for brunch

I truly believe in that logic and it’s unfortunate that laziness, tiredness and (my) bad moods get in the way of doing something I actually really like.

For the past few weeks I have been driving to work…I live double the distance to work now from before. It now takes anywhere from 50 minutes to 1 hour and 40 minutes. The worst part isn’t the distance, its the unpredictable traffic. Uni starts up next week and I know from experience the traffic queues are even longer in Session which is why I’ll have to take the train in. It will take 1 hour and 20 mins each way but at least I’ll get to read or blog on the train.

What has been taking up some free time lately has been Pokemon Go. It’s terribly addictive. Is anyone else caught up in this craze? At least it gets me walking on my lunch breaks

Catching Pokemon

Winter has left me feeling pretty sluggish. When we lived on our own we didn’t have junk food lying around the house but at mums place – since they are forever entertaining there is always temptations in the forms of biscuits or the fresh sweet and savoury Indian snacks mum whips up. I have signed up for City 2 Surf this year which makes me feel a tiny bit better. Despite being in no position to run it, I will happily walk it and hopefully get some Pokemon in the process πŸ™‚

We stopped by Ristretto and Co in Liverpool for some breakfast. I love this place mostly because it is so tucked away.

From the outside it just looks like somewhere to get takeaway coffee, but once you step inside and go through the narrow corridor it opens up to a pretty hipsterish courtyard area out the back.

Ristretto campos coffee Liverpool sydney


The coffee was good. Campos is rarely a disappointment.

Ristretto and co Hotcakes Liverpool

My hotcakes were like actual cakes. Really thick and fluffy with fresh berries, ricotta and caramel popcorn. Delicious and photogenic too I must say. Doesn’t it seem like edible flowers are the new avocado? They seem to be on everything at the moment.

The Pomodoro Uovo is basically pork chorizo in a tomato based soup with a poachedΒ egg. Perfect for a Winter morning.


Pomodoro Uovo at Ristretto and Co Liverpool



7 thoughts on “Always time for brunch

    1. Hey Stashy!
      Thanks for checking in. Co-habitating with the parents has been interesting πŸ™‚ We have managed to stay out of each others face quite a bit. They were away on holidays for 1 month and then we we were house-sitting for my sister for a few weeks while she was away so it’s been pretty good. But when we have been home they have been really accommodating. So no dramas yet πŸ™‚


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