Back to the future

I had forgotten the incorrect and uncomfortable stigma that is attached with South West Sydney. All it takes is a quick Google search on “living in South West Sydney” to know that there are dozens of forums warning potential residents about the high chance you will be knifed while walking down a street in South West Sydney. The ignorance is pretty disappointing and something I had spoken about before .

It’s really been getting to me more than it should and there is no better way to showcase a little bit of SWS than through my own blog right?

The boy is still pretty new to Australia I felt like I was on a bit of a mission to show him that South West Sydney is actually a pretty nice place to live.

For our first weekend living with my parents, we ventured out to the pretty town of Camden for lunch.

We stopped by Burger Frank in a tucked away little arcade on Argyle Street that was buzzing with cafes and restaurants

They had a cute little set up oozing hipster vibes with pops of yellow.


We had the hand cut fries which were crazy soft on the insides and had just the right crunch when you bit into them.


The boy tried out the Hot Frank – spicy chicken burger while I had the You Had Me at Haloumi with a chickpea and sweet potato patty. I’m pretty sure I picked the burger based on its name..

burger-franks-camden.jpg.jpeg burger-franks-camden-sydney.jpg.jpeg

A couple of days later I met up with friends in Cabramatta on a cold night. We had all decided we need “comfort food”. For me this means pho!

We decided on Bau Truong and although they don’t have chicken pho listed on their menu, they were more than happy to make some for  me.

I don’t know if it was the weather or maybe I was reminiscing Vietnam, but this pho totally hit the spot!

It was so good – I will go as far as to say it was the best pho I’ve had in Sydney so far.

Afterwards we went to What The Fudge further down John Street in Cabramatta to lounge around and enjoy some dessert.

I managed to resist temptation of all their enticing desserts (deep fried Gaytime!!) and settled for a mint hot chocolate. Christmas in July vibes right there.


The first 2 weeks of living with mum and dad haven’t been as bad as I thought. The only complaint from the boy has been that my parents are too nice. For example – they beat him to doing laundry, wash his dishes and vacuum before he has a chance to. The advice I’ve given him is that knowing my parents – they are very polite but they do appreciate help. So sometimes you will have to just insist on doing your own work or beat them to it. My mother does not know how to sit down and relax…she sees it as wasting time.

They’re going away for 3 weeks so that should be enough time to really settle in and get into our own routine.

I got my first negative comment on my blog the other day. I chose to not allow it to be published because I felt the poster was being overly mean. In some ways it was the wake up call I needed – that there are areas I do need to improve on with my blog, however there are better ways of passing feedback through. They didn’t leave their real details so it’s someone with simply too much time on their hands. But hey,  whatever makes you feel good about yourself right?

How do you deal with negative comments on your blog if you get any?

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6 thoughts on “Back to the future

  1. Omg my mum is the same – she can’t sit still for five minutes! And boo to whoever left a negative comment on your blog, they clearly don’t know what they are talking about 💁🏽😊

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  2. I know nothing about the stigma of South West Sydney but I’m enjoying all of the FOOD pictures! 😛 Especially that pho – now I’m craving pho, I might get that for lunch tomorrow now.
    I was about to ask you how life is back with the parental units. Glad to hear it’s not as bad as you imagined.
    What? Someone took the time to leave you a nasty comment on your blog? Did they think it was constructive?
    How would I have dealt with it? I’d done the same: delete and ignore.

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