Most pinned Indian Fashion on Pinterest

What started simply as a place to pin wedding ideas, has seen me through my wedding, decorating our apartment, recipes and thrifty spending tips as well.

The most popular of the lot is easily the pins related to Indian fashion.

Read on to see the most popular pins from The Western Sydney Girls Pinterest.


Ram-Leela was all the rage back in late 2013. I remember watching the ads over and over and trying to find an affordable version of the Amrapali earrings Deepika wore. I managed to find an imitation over at Craftsvilla and purchased a pair for my wedding festivities. This pin ended up getting 659 repins.


Ok so technically – this one isn’t related to Indian fashion but it does appear in my top 10. Plus this is the first pin I remember having a super mini viral moment once I posted it. This pin is from the now defunct Aaina Bridal blog and has received  331 repins.


This elegant pin is a Sabyasachi piece from the India Couture Week 2014. I love that something so simple and elegant got 4100 repins!


This outfit is not my style at all but it was something that drew me in. Glad I pinned it! This outfit by Ashutosh and Mohini (image originally from Wed Me Good) got 4300 repins.


I knew a Sapana Amin pin would feature somewhere on this list because a – they are stunning and creative pieces and b – the photography is always stunning on their photoshoots! This pin was repinned a cool 7700 times.


This pin was saved from Peaches and Blush. The gorgeous lehenga is a Manish Malhotra creation and has earned me a whopping 8400 repins!


And finally – this blouse (designer unknown) pin from Say Shaadi came in first place with 9100 repins.

And one observation from this post – what do these viral pins have in common? Apart from being eye-catching they are also all vertical! So while most of us tend to use horizontal style images in our blogs – cos lets face it – it just looks better. It seems like what works better on Pinterest is definitely vertical images.

6 thoughts on “Most pinned Indian Fashion on Pinterest

  1. Pinterest is always a good option to share beautiful fashionable images as most of the users are females only just like on Instagram. And Vertical images are the best options here. I have used a couple of horizontal images or images with no good quality that are not so popular and just got 30 repins in last4 months.

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  2. Deepika’s earnings are still rocking the streets. I too love the red lehenga with golden embroidery, but the pins are so repeated, that I feel it’s presence to as a common part in fashion. People love them 🙂 Great post!

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