Competitive edge

You know that feeling when you are feeling particularly passionate or riled up about an issue/topic and the words just seem to flow? Well I’m really struggling with that to express the disappoint about the Instagram famous Figure 8 pools on the South Coast of Sydney.

I’ve done quite a few walks in Sydney now and this was one of the hardest. Pretty yes but dangerous with the muddy slopes as well climbing over slippery rocks. And by the time you reach your destination – the Figure 8 “pool” ..well it’s more like a deep puddle….with 60 or so people gathered around it for the perfect shot.


Kinda like what we were told in English class at school…it’s the journey not the destination that matters. The journey was pretty indeed… :

If you want a  safe, quiet and picturesque walk in Sydney – I highly recommend my most favourite walk over at Wattamolla instead of this one.

Despite it being a short work week, it’s still been a real struggle coming up with outfits for work that are smart casual and weather appropriate. I’ve taken to Pinterest for major inspiration especially since I am not making any major purchases any time soon. I save pins that leave an impression on me, then try and recreate the look with what I already have in my closet. Like this:


As for this wedding I’m going to in June – I am already scoping out outfits. Seriously why do we  I care so much about what I wear to weddings? It’s not my wedding and yet I still want to wear something that makes me happy and feel good. Is there a bit of a competitive nature when it comes to weddings? It is a lot about people watching right..or is that just me?

So I’ve been mixing and matching stuff I already have and came up with this:

girl bout town blog indian outfit

It’ a combination of my wedding and reception outfit which I desperately want to re-wear to make use of the wear per dollar value.

I liked the way the colours look together, however I’m thinking it’s all abit OTT. Plus this is how it is without jewelry, hair and makeup done. With all that stuff as well,  the outfit will be giving out bridal vibes. Major #no in my books. Will try out some borrowed muted colour blouses with hopefully a bit more success.

I also made a trip into of my guilty pleasure stores – Kmart to just have a “look around”. I ended up spending $25:


I got myself a new water bottle (lost the lid off my old one) with one of those ice things that you freeze separately, a white fluffy robe and a grey striped jumper. Not bad at all for $25 right?

The past week or so I have been in a weekly Fitbit challenge with WSB, and it has made me realise just how competitive we both are. On the last day of the challenge we were both neck to neck with our steps. When he said he had to stay back at work a little later than usual, I headed off to the gym thinking I had so won this. When he found out after he got home that I was beating him, he started running laps around the lounge.

In the end he beat me by 86 steps. Pfft.

The positives to having a Fitbit buddy is that we’ve decided we can only treat ourselves to a dessert if we hit 10,000 steps in our day…my choice of treat was the amazing Ginger Brulee tart from Bourke Street Bakery which I captured on Instagram. Must hit more steps to try the rest of the goodies on their display cabinet.



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