Autumn Fashion Staples

I have been getting rid of clothes on a weekly basis lately. They fit me fine and are perfectly clean and wearable – the issue is that I feel like my taste has grown up. Basically I’m getting old. And my cutesy little floaty skirts just won’t cut it anymore.

It doesn’t mean that I have to dress boring, it just means that I want to stick
to classic staples while I figure out what I feel comfortable and happy wearing.

With Sydney feeling very much like Autumn today, there is no better day to share my most recent buys. All of which are basics and staples.

My first purchase was this Zara Trench Coat.

Zara trench coat 2016 - Girl bout town blog

I have no idea why it was on sale but I snagged it a few weeks ago for a cool $45. Classic investment piece right?

My next purchase was khaki jeans. I saw jeans even though the wording on the website said jeggings. I detest jeggings. One does simply not wear jeggings. I went ahead and bought these from The Iconic because A they had the khaki colour I wanted that was sold out everywhere else. B The Iconic had sent me 20% off store wide voucher for my birthday and C #treatyoself.

Autumn staples - Khaki Jeans via

Was pleased because the don’t feel like jeggings…they actually feel like stretchy denim and is comfortable as hell. Plus with my discount these Vero Moda babies came to $48.

I bought some must have black skinny jeans from Myer, Miss Shop. The old ones I had have faded a lot and look really washed out…plus I had attempted to DIY slash them. It did not go well.

Hence I bought:

Myer Miss Shop Black skinny jeans

Last but least 2 purchases from Country Road. You can call them boring but these are versatile pieces to get me through the season. I have been accessorising these with long strand necklaces and mixing up light scarves and blazers.

I’m still not quite ready to put away my swimmers and summer dresses but with the days getting colder, I need to make way for scarves and beanies. So how are you going with your season transitional wardrobe?

5 thoughts on “Autumn Fashion Staples

  1. $45 is quite the deal for that trench – you’ll get a lot of use out of that!
    Haha I hated the notion of jeggings for ages too… now I own 2 pairs. Granted, mine are really still jeans, they have real pockets and aren’t just leggings with fake jeans details (those, I hate). And ha on the failed DIY slash jeans – at least you attempted them on an old faded pair. šŸ˜›
    I feel like my tastes have changed over time too – I used to like little ruffle sleeves and collar details and now I can’t stand them, they look so childish!

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