How to be Facebook free for a year

Wake up in the morning. Reach for the phone to turn off alarm. Scroll through Facebook.

Waiting for a meal at a restaurant. Pull out phone and scroll through Facebook.

On holidays. Sitting by the pool. Scroll though Facebook.

That was me.

And then I decided I had enough. I didn’t actually care that much about 250 people. I only cared for about 20 and I’m certain now those feeling were mutual.

Now I wake up and squeeze in a few extra cuddles with the boy before getting up. I have a conversation with my dining companion while waiting for a meal. And I read actual (!!) books when I go on holidays.

I had deactivated my account several times before to get a “break” and didn’t actually think that I would last this long without FB, but it was a lot easier than I thought.

At first I was worried that I would be out of the loop and major FOMO with not knowing what was happening with family and friends. This wasn’t actually too much of a problem because if something MAJOR happens – you will know about it. Heck you’ll probably get a phone call or a text message! Case in point – my BF recently told me she was pregnant (yay!!!!) she told me personally before she posted it on Facebook a few weeks later.  The people that know you, will make an effort.

Another positive – when I catch up with people now, we actually have a lot to talk about because I didn’t post 120 pictures online of my trip to Vietnam or share online what I got up to over Christmas. I actually exude quite a bit of mystery because everyone doesn’t know where I am and what I’m doing. They actually have to ask me how was your trip, what were the highlights? This just strengthens our friendship because this is something that I share with people when I see them and it’s not something generic I post for 250 people.

I am also in a few Whatsapp and Viber group chats with family and friends which is like a condensed version of Facebook. We share pictures when we go on holidays, we send out invites when we want to catch up and talk about what our weekend plans are. Essentially if you had to break down your FB friends list to the absolute essentials – the people you can’t live without – you will be left with your family and friends who you have group chats with anyway. And everyone else is kind of unnecessary (to put it bluntly).

Another thing – the introvert in me loves not having Facebook. I felt like I was getting a slight case of anxiety when I would scroll through Facebook and see what others are upto. The less I know the better and it stops me from having unhealthy social habits such as gossiping and comparing. There is a lot less “noise” and I love it.

You think people on Facebook will miss you? Well maybe apart from your partner or BFF, other people won’t even notice that you’re not in it.

The first few weeks were hard but it didn’t last long because I realised I was a lot happier not knowing about things. Plus you only have to go a quick Google search to see how Facebook targets users as advertising targets.

Have you tried going off FB? How did you go?

7 thoughts on “How to be Facebook free for a year

  1. I’ve said this before when you discussed your addiction to FB – I hardly EVER go on mine. But when I do, I completely understand what you mean, it’s like a black hole – it just sucks you in. I used to upload vacation pics but but eh, who cares, those pictures are for ME to enjoy, not for other people! 😛

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  2. This is so true! I completely get it. I mean, I haven’t deactivated my Facebook account, but I’m not exactly active on there either. I don’t have the Facebook app on my phone and people actually have to text me or call me instead of leaving it up to Facebook.. It’s so great not to get a notification every 5 minutes and helplessly checking my phone because of it. Talking to those who matter in person or one on one is so much better!

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