Currently obsessing: Sapana Amin Enchanted Forest 2016 Collection

It’s not a secret that I am a huge fan of Sapana Amin designs. The balance of traditional Indian fashion with unexpected and clean modern touches won me over a long time ago.

The new Enchanted Forest Collection has hues of tradition mixed in with Sapana’s trademark floral print. I was pleased to see that the floral prints in this collection are grown up and sophisticated. I love the risks taken with colour (who would have thought of yellow and grey?) as well as the quintessential styling of nothing being OTT.

Click through to see my favourites of this gorgeous collection.

Sapana Amin Ecnchanted Forest 2016 Collection - pink and white lehenga
Sapana Amin 2016 Enchanted Forest Collection - pink and off white lehenga

I love the detail on the sleeve of the blouse as well as the dull colours used on the lehenga to offset the blouse. They would be great to use later for mix’n’match.

Sapana Amin 2016 collection - elegant lehenga

The elegance of this outfit is enhanced by the mute colours and the delicate embroidery. There is nothing “loud” about this outfit yet it would be difficult to look away from this piece.

Sapana Amin 2016 Collection lehenga - maroon and blush pink

The print of this lehenga looks very similar to the one pictured above however the maroon blouse and the embroidery on the dupatta takes it to another level. This one would be perfect for a classy reception.

Sapana Amin 2016 Collection lehenga sequins

The sequin dupatta isn’t something I have seen Sapana do before but it works really well! Yay to taking risks!

You can check out more of Sapana’s work on her new updated website. Her website has also features her older collections which have not aged one bit. It’s also worthwhile taking pointers of the styling and make-up of the models in these outfits – it will be just as effective off screen.

By the way – this is not a sponsored post – I am just a huge fan girl 😛

All images are from the Sapana Amin website.


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