Return to the Missing Piece cafe, Macquarie Centre

The last time I visited the Missing Piece cafe in Macquarie Centre seems like it was ages ago! After lusting through photos of more of their drinks and other menu items I decided to go and have breakfast on my own one morning before work. Table for one please!

This was the menu.

The Missing Piece menu at Macquarie Center
Click to view larger

Pretty reasonably priced especially when you see the effort they put in with presentation as well.

So even though they now make more drinks..especially the “freak shake” types ones I stuck to my regular iced coffee. And yes it is probably the fanciest coffee I have ever had.


Macquarie Center Missing Piece Cafe Iced Coffee

The coffee was great I just wish it has been colder! They used cold milk, yes and ice cream but no ice ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So it got to room temperature pretty quick when I was kinda hopingย for something really chilled with the 30 degree picture perfect summer day we were having.


If you have seen previous food posts you will know I am a huge eggs benedict fan. This time I tried something different – the “Crayola” which is essentially crunchy granola with Greek yoghurt and a handful of fresh berries. The sweetness was perfectly uplifted by a drizzle of honey.

Service was fast, friendly and efficient. All in all a great repeat visit.

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