Off the beaten track: Alstonville, NSW

So the Western Sydney Boy and I have decided that we need to end each year with a getaway to somewhere away from the hustle and bustle. Last year our choice of place was Alstonville in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Never heard of it? Neither had I until a few months ago.

It all started with looking for accommodation in Byron Bay. After only finding expensive, old and unimpressive hotels I started looking through Airbnb. If you haven’t tried Airbnb for your holidays or weekend getaways yet..I highly recommend it. There is something there to suit every style, every budget and in more locations you could imagine.

We ended up being charmed by a cottage in Alstonville and the cottage listing quite honestly said they were a good 40 minutes away from Byron Bay.

Alstonville is quaint country town with a single Main street and farm properties with perfectly lined avocado and macadamia trees.



Airbnb Cottage NSW

The cottage was perched on a hill, overlooking lush green valleys and horse stables. The owners lived about 50 metres away and gave us all the privacy and quiet time we needed.


No better place or way to recharge!

I didn’t expect much at all from Alstonville. Just another stopover country town I thought but I was incredibly impressed with the local town area.

Normally I stay away from small town pubs just because of the stares I am used to getting for being the token Indian there. But not at the Federal Hotel 🙂 And to top it off the food was amazing. I may go as far to say the best pub food I have ever had.



See these lamb cutlets? Well it was $22 for this generous serving and I think and talk about them ALL THE TIME. It was finger lickin good.

I wish I could tell you more about the fish meal the boy had (and loved) but I was too consumed by my lamb.

On our final day we stopped by the local Orio Cafe for breakfast.

Orio Cafe Alstonville breakfast

My Buttermilk Pancakes were perfect. The fluffy pancakes has banana, berries and was topped with dreamy fairy floss and since it was just after Christmas there was some chocolate as well as mint leaves for a festive touch.


The boy enjoyed his Brekky Bruschetta with egg and bacon toast with salsa and avocado.

All in all – I was blown away by Alstonville. I would not hesitate to return here or recommend it for some time away. It just makes me wonder…just how many other hidden gems are here right in my backyard?

The Federal Hotel – 77 Main Street, Asltonville NSW

The Orio Cafe – 23/89 Main St, Alstonville NSW

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