Saving on MAC Cosmetics at Sydney Duty Free

So I’m going to answer the one question I had about MAC Cosmetics at Sydney Duty Free that I could NOT find ANYWHERE online- is it actually cheaper?

Last time I went on holidays I think I was more excited about the prospect of Duty Free shopping at the airport than the trip itself.

What was annoying as hell was that I couldn’t plan properly because of the lack of information out there. I didn’t know what was available, or whether things would be cheaper at all.

On my list was :

  • MAC Lipstick in Twig
  • MAC Face and Body Foundation
  • Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

So the short answer is – MAC is available at Sydney Duty Free, and the saving is 20% compared to what you would pay at Sephora or Myer or a MAC store itself. Other brands like Benefit also had a saving of 20% compared to regular retail.

Even thought the savings were huge I was still bummed because the lipstick in Twig was sold out. Booo! I also found out there that Clinique in Australia have discontinued the Almost Lipstick range.

I got my F&B Foundation for $39 (AUD) – normal retail price is $49. The lipstick would have also come down to $28.80 (AUD with the regular retail price being $36.00

Next time I go on holidays (hurry up February!!) I hope to have some more luck and more time on my hands with Duty Free Shopping!

Do you treat yourself at Duty free as well? Do you go in organised, with a list or just pick whatever tickles your fancy?


10 thoughts on “Saving on MAC Cosmetics at Sydney Duty Free

    1. I do love those mini make-travel kits as well! They are super cute!
      This was the first time I went in knowing exactly what I want. I usally just wander around indecisively.
      Thanks for stopping by hun. Have a wonderful weekend xx


  1. Twig was my first MAC lipstick! It’s SO popular. Too bad it was sold out.
    Getting 20% is pretty sweet deal!
    I hardly ever buy cosmetics at duty free – usually I stick to buying gifts / souvenirs for other people. I do like to look at the cosmetics but I don’t buy.

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