Review: Temasek, Parramatta

Do you believe in second chances? Or making a good first impression?
I would have to say I’m pretty stubborn with changing my mind. Like, if I don’t particularly enjoy a meal or have a good  experience I won’t go back.

After visiting Temasek for the second time though I may have to change my stance on giving things another go.

The husband and I tried Temasek about a month ago and while I went in with every intention of reviewing it, I ended up being disappointed and chose not to review something I wasn’t too enthusiastic on. And then a few days ago I went with a few friends, ready to be disappointed and knowing exactly what to expect and I was pleasantly suprised.

So on the first visit with the boy, I ordered chicken satay which is usually a safe choice.


The chicken was pretty average and I was mostly just annoyed that the satay sauce serving was quite small.

The boy ordered Ayam Percik – a chicken curry.


This was just way too oily and spicy for me to enjoy. Plus the prices were pretty steep for Asian cuisine which had left me expecting something a little more special.
My most favourite item was actually the lemon ice tea.

*slurp slurp*
This was delicious for a hot sticky day. The tea had crushed ice and was just the right combination of sour and sweet.

Fast forward a few weeks – I had to catch up with some friends and when they suggested Temasek I agreed because I thought they may as well try it out for themselves.

This time I read some other reviews before I went in and order the Chicken Laksa even though it was a pretty warm day.


The serving size was huge and my friends kind of laughed at me and said I would never be able to finish it. Well..I didn’t finish it but did much better than expected.

The laksa was one of the best I have ever had in Sydney. I had the option of egg or rice noodles and picked the latter. They were generous not only with the portion size but also with having an even quantity of soft shredded chicken, noodles and soup.

And yes the lemon iced tea was as good the second time around as well 🙂

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