A love affair – Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Mask Review

Many moon ago when I had problem skin I turned to Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Mud Mask. It was an absolute winner. If I could feel a bump on my face I would apply the mask and the affected area calmed down by the time the mask was washed off. After a while my skin calmed down naturally as I got older and I stopped purchasing these mud masks.

These days my main skin concern is pores and dry skin. A few months ago I spotted theΒ Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask and I was drawn to the brands new packaging in the cute pink tube and it bought back memories and good experiences I have had with the Deep Down Detox masks. Let’s just say I grew up with the Formula 10 0.6 mud masks…

This masks claims to:

Pores Be Pure is the skin-clarifying mud mask that helps to eliminate impurities and clear blocked pores. With the help of Strawberry, Yarrow and Rosemary, Pores Be Pure provides your skin with instant complexion perfection.

I was sold with the description and happily bought the full size 100ML flip top tube over the 5ml sachets that were also available in Priceline. The full size is $8.99 at Priceline but I managed to get one when it was on sale at 6.99 (#winning).

pores be pure mask review 10 0 6

After cleansing and drying my face I applyΒ a thin layer to my face and knewΒ to expect the tingliness mentioned on the back of the tube…however it was waaay more tingly than what I expected although it did calm down after about 5 minutes.

The texture is as expected from a mud mask, quite thick and creamy.
The smell is pleasant and reminded me of strawberry yoghurt yet the fragrance is not overpowering.

After leaving the mask on for 20 minutes I washed it off and was pleased with the results I got almost instantly.

My face seemed even toned, my pores were minimized and my skin felt very smooth and taut. The best thing about clay masks is that they sink right into your skin to leave you with a deep clean, fresh look. This mask was no exception. Even though my skin seemed tighter, the mask didn’t have overly drying affects on me.

The effects last for about 2 days which is pretty decent when you consider how affordable this product is.

These days I tend to apply the mask 2 or 3 times a week. They are fabulous for a quick pick me up before a special event or a night out.

And that uncomfortable tingly feeling? Well I don’t even get them anymore. It could have been that the first time I used this product my face did not react well but over time it has gotten used to it.

I’m thrilled to have rediscovered an old favourite that still works for me and am looking forward to trying some of the other masks available in this range.

Have you tried any of the masks in the Formula 10 0.6 range? Do you have favourites you have rediscovered?

13 thoughts on “A love affair – Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Mask Review

  1. I’ve seen this at one of the drugstores we have and have been curious – this brand is completely new to me. I like the simple no nonsense packaging – quite eye catching. The product I was wanting to try was their Deep Down Detox in the orange tube – have you tried that one? It has rave reviews online:
    I wonder how that differs from the Pores Be Pure mask – they’re both mud based masks… I feel like the Pores Be Pure might be a bit more gentle.

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    1. You should definitely try it! I have tried and loved the Deep Down Detox mask. I went through several tubes when I was younger. It’s great for calming down problematic skin. It really does feel like a detox.
      It doesn’t smell as great as the Pores Be Pure though..its more of a standard muddy smell.
      Try the satchets if you see them – they are great for comparing the two masks πŸ™‚


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