R U OK? is an organisation bought about to raise the importance of having  meaningful conversations by asking our family, friends, colleagues or anyone who may be struggling how they’re going.

A simple are you ok? Is everything ok?

The R U OK is a not-for-profit suicide prevention organisation that supports mental health and well-being. It was founded by Australian man Gavin Larkin who experienced the suicide of his father in 1995 and realised that we need to be connecting more with each other and checking in on our mental health .

While today the 10th of September is the National R U OK day, we should be taking the initiative to look out for those who are struggling everyday – not just today.

image from http://www.cfch.com.au/blog.aspx?category=5

The best way to go about is just to listen – you don’t necessarily have to order advice or solutions. Sometimes it feels nice to just be heard and get things off your chest.

On a personal level – last years ago we had a “R U OK” morning tea at my workplace and it really got me thinking  if I was ok. A colleague kindly asked me as we made our coffee together and rather than just politely saying yes everything is fine – I said No..I don’t feel ok. It felt nice to just be heard and get some stress off my chest. It felt ok to say “no it’s not ok” because someone was there. Someone listened. Someone cared.

For more information visit R U OK?.


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