The Lunchbox – a must watch

The Lunchbox is a special movie. It doesn’t have any connection to me or most likely you either but it’s one of those movie that you think about long after the lights come back on in the cinema. You think about what you have just seen, you think about the characters are they ok? and you only want good things to happen to them.

If you have hesitations when it comes to watching a foreign Indian movie – The Lunchbox is a clever choice. There is no Bollywood numbers or melodrama and the movie runs for a cool 104 minutes.

The movie is a one plot liner but don’t let that deter you. A housewife cooks a lunch for her husband everyday and it gets sent to the wrong person – a lonely widow. They start  writing letters to each other and a relationship forms.

This is a simple movie with many subtle nuances about love, life and work with a sprinkle of comedy. It also gives a glorious view into the famous dabbah wallah lunch box system in India.

The performances are amazing. This movie made me a fan of Irfan Khan (Life of Pi, Jurassic World) and Nimrat Kaur is convincing and  breathtakingly beautiful without even trying.

image from
The enchanting Nimrat Kaur.

You can catch a trailer of it here:

And as a word of warning – you may need some roti and curry after you watch this. It is called the Lunchbox after all.


6 thoughts on “The Lunchbox – a must watch

  1. I just this movie on a list of ‘movies you need to watch before you die’ AND I was definitely taken by surprise… I always come across it on Netflix as well and still have not yet watched it as I feel I need to be fully watching the movie without the distraction of my phone and a million and one thoughts pondering in my head. After reading this review of yours … I am convinced to finally watch it this weekend – thanks lovely!


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